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The sense of not being able to stay indifferent to environmental issues started at a rather early stage in my life. I used to spare the considerable portion of my weekly allowances and make donations to international environmental groups. On the one hand my sensitivity towards our environment was evolving into a state of environmental awareness and financial issues. On the other hand, the valuation and trade of different assets worldwide peaked my interest. When my passions and aspirations combined, it became inevitable that the title of my dissertation would be “The Global Carbon Markets and Turkey”, which in 2009 was far from acknowledged in Turkey.

Ever since then, carbon finance and management have been my primary sources of motivation throughout my professional life. And now, while there is still time to turn everything around, I am here at Mundo Verde to make my utmost contribution to make a change. A change in the conventional mindsets of corporations by transferring and implementing our know-how on climate mitigation & adaptation and thus restore the Earth. Having talked about my past and present, in the future I want to feel self-assured and self-contented that I have done everything I could possibly do to combat climate change for future generations.

Müge Afacan Ural | Technical Director

MA., Political Science and International Relations, Istanbul University