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In a world of modernization and technological innovations, human adaptation has become inevitable and as such our world has now presented a significant challenge. Climate crisis is undeniable and it is our responsibility to take the correct measures to mitigate as much risk to our environment. Having been in the energy industry for several years, I believe that all industries have the necessary capabilities and resources to tackle this evolving concern.

Through synergy and ingenuity we can bring more heads to the table and create more resilient and value added solutions in the fight for climate change. My objective within this industry is to form an ecosystem of strategic partnerships and relationships to establish a structured value chain that begins with project development and ends with emission reduction. At Mundo Verde Climate, we have the expertise and means to deliver tangible results and the highest level of market value to our partners and clients. Given that the global market has already begun to adopt precautionary actions towards our shared crisis, it is imperative that we take the proactive courses needed to accelerate our common goal of reaching a Net Zero economy.

Arash Assadi | Carbon Sales & Marketing Manager

MSc., Energy, Trade & Finance, Bayes Business School (formerly CASS), City University of London
BSc., Business Law, California State University Northridge