Ashama & Obesere Spp Bundle Project

Ashama & Obesere Spp Bundle Project

Project Location: Ashama Solar Power Plant project is located in Ashama community of Aniocha Sourh Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. Obesere Solar Power Plant is in Jabata Community of Aniocha Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria.

Methodology: ACM0002: Grid-connected electricity generation from renewable sources – Version 20.0”

Description: Ashama Solar Power Farm is owned by a joint venture company – B&S POWER HOLDING PTE LTD and SUUNYFRED GLOBAL AGRO LTD whereas Obesere solar power plant is owned by  B&S POWER HOLDING PTE LTD and UNICORN WORLD NIGERIA LIMITED.

The project aim is to contribute to reducing national energy deficit and development of local industries as it allows the use of cheaper energy for industrialists and gain advantage in a competitive environment.

The purpose of the project is to generate clean energy by using the solar power and providing the energy to the Nigerian national grid. By implementing the project, investors also aim to reduce dependency to the fossil fuels thereby reducing the sources of environmental pollution. In this scope, B&S POWER HOLDING PTE LTD  planned to establish Ashama power plant with its Nigerian partner SUUNYFRED GLOBAL AGRO LTD whereas Obesere power plant is being established with another partner called UNICORN WORLD NIGERIA LIMITED. Installed capacity of both power plants are 50 MW each supplying 35MW/Hr to the national grid, with the purpose of contributing to the national economy the meeting the increased electricity demand.