3A Bes Akyurt Biogas Power Plant


Project Location: The project is located in Türkiye, in the boundaries of Ankara province.

Methodology: AM0073: GHG emission reductions through multi-site manure collection and treatment in a central plant

Description: 3A BES Akyurt Biogas Power Plant has an installed capacity of 4 MWe. The purpose of the project activity is to produce electricity from poultry and cattle manure with biomethanization process which will also result in fermented products that could be utilized as fertilizers by local farmers.

The facility is expected to generate 28,000 MWh/year and 584,000 m3/year biogas when operational capacity is 4 MWe. It is estimated that the project help reduce the carbon emissions by 158,324 tons annually. The total emission reduction for the whole crediting period is calculated as 1,583,236 tonnes of CO2