Mudurnu Energy Biogas Plant

Mudurnu Energy Biogas Plant

Project Location: Türkiye, Bolu Province, Mudurnu District, Pelitözü Village.

Methodology: AM0073: GHG emission reductions through multi-site manure collection and treatment in a central plant

Description: Bolu is an important poultry farming location of Turkey and houses many small traditional farms as well. Facility is the only biogas power plant located in the province and up-to date with current technology level. Under project activity, manure has been biomethanized to biogas via anaerobic digesters and utilized for renewable power generation.

Mudurnu Enerji Biogas Plant has a capacity of 2.4 MWe power production and generates 18,480 MWh annually. Beside power generation waste heat and by-products are also utilized. Project also contributes to local economy via buying the manure from farmers and donating the fermented products, liquid & solid fertilizers to same farmers. The project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent methane emissions. The project is estimated to help reduce the carbon emissions average by 150,449 tons annually.

Project expected to contribute SDG 3, 7, 8 and 13.