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We are all aware that our climate has changed over time. One of the most important issues faced by humanity now is climate change. We’re all stuck in the same game. I believe that simple steps lead to big changes. Decisions made today will determine our future, so I decided to specialize in the area of climate change management. As Mundo Verde Climate, we serve all around the world to develop and encourage a sustainable future for the coming generations. I have in-depth knowledge of carbon emission policies and contributed to major carbon disclosure and reduction projects. My specialty is developing carbon credits from green technologies and nature-based solutions in line with CDM methodologies. Also, I am working in the field of developing GHG Inventory and managing climate risk disclosure processes for the private sector.

The current climate crisis is the result of years of inconsiderate policies. So, by the same logic, our actions to shift to a low carbon economy today should lead to a future where climate change is no longer an issue. We are here to overcome this challenge with your support. Because together, we are stronger.

Irmak Özdemir | Carbon Project Developer

MSc., Environmental Sciences, Engineering and Management, Istanbul Technical University

BSc., Environmental Engineering, Istanbul Technical University