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My ultimate goal is to let my descendants see the Earth with their eyes just as I see it today, not from digital photographs and memories. In the early 2000s, the most practical and essential way of reaching that goal is by taking an active and responsive role to fight against the climate crisis. Therefore, I decided to transform my ultimate goal from an individualist perspective to my business career. In 2018, I proudly took on crucial and varying responsibilities within Mundo Verde Climate. Being directly involved in more than fifty climate change projects, I have been continuously developing my skills and I am happy to impart that knowledge on to all stakeholders. I will constantly dedicate myself to saving nature incorporating culture to bring peace to the nature-culture dichotomy. I consider it as my calling to put smiles on the faces of future generations and I will carry that honour with me always.

Furkan Artık | Operations Supervisor

B.A., Istanbul University, American Studies

B.B.A., Istanbul University, International Trade and Logistics