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Based on my civil engineering background, one of the aims of engineering is to create a safer and prosperous world according to the needs of unpretending population growth and rising urbanisation. In our ever-changing world it is necessary to keep up with new technologies in our fight against climate change. Since 2019, I have been conducting research on geosynthetics, a construction material that provides sustainable construction solutions that minimizes the use of natural resources. At the same time I am developing my thesis on the reduction of seismic hazard in infrastructure systems by geo synthetics. Providing a long life to the ecosystem will be possible by increasing sustainability studies like this and reducing our carbon footprint. Every single one of us bears the responsibility for preserving our planets health. I believe that many sectors should do their part and make our world more liveable. As part of Mundo Verde Climate I know our responsibilities towards global warming, the great crisis of our age, and I am happy to help achieve sustainable development goals. I know that our small steps will create a domino effect.

Büşra Nur Kılınç | Carbon Project Developer

MSc., Earthquake Engineering, Bogazici University

BSc., Civil Engineering, Bogazici University